Low Fee Socially Responsive InvestingThis site is referenced in my book, Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing: Investing in your worldview on your terms.

Several examples of applying a low fee approach to the socially responsible investing are provided on the following pages:

  • Fossil Free
  • Keeping Faith
  • Political Accountability
  • Racial Harmony
  • Peak Water Portfolio
  • Low Fee Vegan Investing
  • A Links page is provided to find further information.

Please refer to the contact information provided if you have any questions not addressed in the book. Perhaps your question may be addressed in the next edition.

If you are looking for a financial professional in your area to assist in the area of low fee socially responsible investing, refer to the contact information provided for a potential recommendation.

If you are interested in socially responsible investing but have avoided this area due to concerns over investment fees or control over the investment selection process, consider reading my book (available from CreateSpace.com, Amazon.com (paperback), or Kindle format).

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Quantum Financial Planning LLC provides hourly, fee-only financial planning services to indivduals, families and small organizations. In the area of socially responsible investing, our goal is to highlight low fee approaches to self-directed investors who typically use hourly advisors, as needed, rather than commission or asset-based service providers. In a low return economic environment, low investment fees provide for a more sustainable proposition to the investor. A website devoted to low fee socially responsible investing will be maintained, and expanded upon, to increase the number of socially responsible or impact investors.

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