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Low Fee Vegan Investing

The portfolio overview and investment criteria for other themes covered on this site (e.g. fossil free, political accountability…) have been able to be outlined in a number of paragraphs. This was not practical in addressing the question "What approach could a vegan use?" The book, Low Fee Vegan Investing, Taking veganism to the next level, was written to answer this question.

A primary motivation in developing a low fee approach to vegan investing is my belief that vegans are prime candidates for appreciating and utilizing the benefits of sustainable and responsible (SR) investing. Eating a plant-based diet, at least historically, has required a personal investment of time and commitment. With the increased availability of meat and dairy substitutes in both ingredients and ready-to-cook options, the amount of additional meal preparation time investment appears to be steadily diminishing, but is still present. The simple act of identifying a vegan-friendly restaurant when dining out shows a willingness to make an extra effort. In addition to the demonstrated commitment to individual health, the commitment to societal and planetary health is often a core motivation that is shared by many SR investors.

Another motivation in writing this book is that a movement to a plant-based diet significantly reduces an individual's environmental footprint (less energy use, less water use, less disease). Vegan investing can be a tool for vegans and non-vegans to further contribute to a more sustainable world.

Plant Power Survey

If you would like to increase the odds that the financial services industry develops easily accessible plant-centered investment approaches that appeal to a plant-based worldview, follow the link to a short survey:

One goal of the survey is to determine if potential plant-based investors have a collective worldview that can be illustrated by their preferences towards specific economic sectors. Survey results will be periodically be updated:

Sector Vegan Vegetarian Healthy Eating/Living Lifestyle
Consumer Discretionary 21 % 28 % 12 %
Consumer Staples 10 % 17% 12 %
Energy  2 %  0 %  0 %
Financial 10 %  0 %  0 %
Health Care  5 %  0 % 17 %
Industrial 15 %  0 % 24 %
Materials  7 % 22 % 10 %
Technology 27 % 33 % 25 %
Utilities  3 % 0 %  0 %
Number of Participants 64 3 4

Other goals of the survey are to:

  • Increase awareness of the potential benefits of sustainable investing in aligning personal resources with worldview.
  • Demonstrate to the broad community of financial advisors that there is a growing demand for plant-based investment approaches.
  • Encourage the adoption of plant-based worldview metrics.

The survey is not intended to:

  • Disparage and particular company or economic sector (e.g. no reporting of individual company data).
  • Provide investment advice.
  • Provide any assurance that the reported summary data is free from design or execution errors.

The survey will probably be closed by the end of 2018 since significant progress is being made in the area of plant-based investing. A growing number of financial service providers are aware of the interest in screening for animal exploitation, as well as for the environmental and health impacts of food choice. Organizations such as Cruelty Free Investing ( and FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return, are elevating the relevant issues.


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